The Ultimate Egg Chair Buyer's Guide

If you love comfort and fun, you need a hanging egg chair in your life. It’s just that simple. Many homeowners have found that these chairs have many benefits, and this may be why you are thinking of buying one. Understandably, many will find themselves seeking information on this particular topic because of the large variety of egg chairs available today. They come in many different sizes, materials, and styles, which can make choosing one very difficult. Luckily, (We) EZ Living Furniture have come to your rescue once again. We have devised the ultimate egg chair buying guide which will make finding the perfect egg chair for you as easy as can be, starting with how you can get your hands on one of these fabulous chairs.

What Is An Egg Chair?

An egg chair is perhaps the ultimate indulgence when it comes to a statement garden piece. These mid-century inspired chairs are a very deep type of chair. Their original shape is inspired by (you guessed it) an egg. They are fully rounded at the back and wrap tightly around the seating area which creates an encapsulating effect over the top of the chair. Offering support from all angles and an almost cocoon-like seating option for all kinds of spaces, it’s no surprise that these egg chairs have become a must-have piece for the home.

Most egg chair designs will feature a sturdy metal stand. The egg-shaped seat is then usually attached to the stand by a strong chain and spring. This will give whoever sits on one of these hanging egg chairs a little bounce making them feel both comfy and supported.

Did You Know An Egg Chair Is Not Just For Outdoors?

Although an egg chair’s natural habitat is in the garden or on a patio, these unique chairs should not be pigeon-holed into the category of garden furniture. A hanging egg chair works well for both indoors and outdoors, in fact, a woven egg chair can add a laid-back bohemian feel to your interiors too.

Where Can I Buy An Egg Chair?

Egg chairs are available to purchase in many reputable retailers - including EZ Living Furniture. A hanging egg chair is worth investing in because it is able to provide a cosy nest for relaxing, swinging, reading, or sitting back and enjoying the view. Whether you choose to have an indoor egg chair, an outdoor egg chair, or a double egg chair, you will need to know what to look for when buying one.

Limo Double Egg Chair from EZ Living Furniture.

What Should I Look For When Buying An Egg Chair?


The first important consideration is the size of an egg chair. Usually, quite a bit larger than a regular armchair or dining chair, you will need to ensure that whatever egg chair you pick will fit into its intended room or area.

Some designs are suitable for two people, while others are single-seaters only. Naturally, a double egg chair will measure wider than a single egg chair.

EZ TIP: We suggest measuring the overall width, depth, and height of the egg chair swing.

Fiji Egg Chair from EZ Living Furniture.

With Or Without A Stand

Once this has been done and you have decided on a hanging egg chair, it’s worth looking at the way in which the chair is suspended. Whether it's an egg chair that suspends from the ceiling or one that has its own stand, both have the ability to swing from side to side or from back to front. This means that you will also need to make sure that when it swings it is not hitting against any surrounding furniture or home accessories.

There are also additional pros and cons for both that are worth careful consideration. An egg chair with a stand can be moved into different positions and rooms easily but will also require more space for its stand. While egg chairs that have a fixed suspension from the ceiling are more restricted with where you can place them. Once they are up, they cannot be moved, however, this also offers a cleaner and more minimalistic look.


Egg chairs are usually placed outside. If this is the case for you, then you will need to make sure that the egg chair is weather-resistant and durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions. An outdoor egg chair will need to be constructed from a material that can stand up against fading, rusting, and decaying when left outdoors. Usually, this will be a synthetic rattan material.

To extend the longevity of your egg chair, we still recommend covering your egg chair with a cover when not in use. Egg chair covers are designed to fit your egg chair swing perfectly. Cushions will also need to be detached and brought inside after use to ensure that their material doesn’t fade in the sun or become wet from the rain.

For indoor use, there doesn’t need to be as much thought put into this element. Most materials can be placed in the home and are not affected by any of these challenges. To avoid any fading from the sun, it is best to position your indoor egg chair away from windows, or areas that are in direct sunlight.

Vega Egg Chair from EZ Living Furniture.


You may think that these chairs all follow the same basic shape, and they do, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t slight variations available. Some will be more circular in shape, while others are less enclosed or incorporate a separate canopy to shield you from the sun. In short, some are taller, flatter, deeper, or more enclosed than others. It’s important to consider your options and choose a chair that matches your personal taste and the style of the room or area you wish to place it in.
Most egg chairs are tightly woven and offer a certain amount of protection from the sun if placed in a garden. A tighter weave can also mean more privacy because no one can see through it. In contrast, an open and airy egg chair is more exposed but will allow you to fully embrace your surroundings.
And let’s not forget colours. An egg chair will usually only come in standard or natural colours. Grey, cream, white, or brown are commonly used for egg chairs, meaning that they are unlikely to upset any surrounding decor.

Bali Egg Chair from EZ Living Furniture.

Are Egg Chairs Comfortable?

Design is important, but comfort can often dominate a conversation regarding an item of furniture. These cocoon type chairs allow you to sink right into them, so comfort isn’t really a concern when it comes to an egg chair. Most usually come with removable cushions that are fixed into place, and this enhances the overall comfort of these chairs. Of course, if an egg chair you are thinking about buying does not come with fixed cushions included, there is always an option to use cushions that are lying around the house - although, it is worth noting that they will not be orthopaedic in their design. Regular cushions will not be fixed in place and move with you or fall from behind, meaning there will be no way to support your upper back or head when sitting in one of these.

In conclusion, If you want something that has it all….something more than a hammock, more than a chair, more than a swing, then we don’t think you’ll regret investing in a hanging egg chair. You should also now have all the necessary information to purchase the perfect egg chair for you. Remember, always make a decision that feels right for you! If an egg chair seems like a drop in the ocean when it comes to your garden plans for summer 2022, then it may be worth looking into larger garden sets, but first, we suggest reading our ultimate guide to garden furniture below.


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